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Blog Posts in September, 2011

  • Fraud charges put former New Jersey Nets star on the defense

    At some point, a professional athlete's career comes to an end and the athlete must move on to another career choice. For one well-known former New Jersey Nets player, the career choice was real estate. C. Tate George, who played for the Nets and Milwaukee Bucks as a guard, started The George Group, a real estate investment firm that boasted $500 million in assets on its website. However, recently ...
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  • New Jersey doctor faces sexual assault charges

    Accusations of sexual assault are not taken lightly. Unfortunately, such accusations are fabricated too often, and rather than being based in actual events. There can be many motivations for someone to falsely accuse another of criminal sexual conduct, among them is money. Doctors are particularly vulnerable in this regard. Their intentions may be easily misconstrued, either by someone who is ...
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  • The other shoe drops: New Jersey man faces serious drug charge

    A young man from New Jersey is facing some pretty serious penalties after he returned to the U.S. from a visit to his home country, the Dominican Republic. Shortly after he got off the plane, he was arrested and charged with the drug crime of trafficking. Any type of drug-related charge can lead to a number of consequences, including a criminal conviction. Being convicted of a crime can affect ...
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  • New Jersey bus driver arrested for allegedly drinking and driving

    We've seen a number of different consequences and penalties that drivers can face if charged with drunk driving. Sentences can often include a license suspension, jail time and even paying fines. But the impact of a DUI charge can seep into a driver's personal and professional life as well. A New Jersey school bus driver may have her license suspended after she allegedly was intoxicated behind the ...
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  • New Jersey teenager charged with sex crime after consensual sex

    When charged with a sex crime, there are a lot of possible outcomes. If a conviction follows, the accused individual can expect penalties that can range from prison time to lifetime registration on a sex offender registry. Registration as a sex offender can have consequences that go beyond the limitations of where to live and work - this can also permanently damage an individual's reputation, ...
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  • New Jersey man charged with vehicular homicide and drunk driving

    The consequences if convicted of a criminal offense can be far-reaching. For someone who is charged with a crime such as drunk driving there are often both legal and person in nature. Legal sanctions can include a loss of driving privileges, high fines, and even prison sentences. When the charge is filed against young driver, the consequences can seriously impact his or her future. Not only could ...
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  • New Jersey student charged with murder, bath salts not involved

    The heightened concern that New Jersey lawmakers had regarding bath salts was the result of a murder case. The case involved a young man believed to have been under the influence of bath salts. Originally, many speculated that the young man had killed his girlfriend and wasn't completely aware of his actions. Bath salts, considered "legal meth" by its users, provides a high similar to the one ...
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  • New Jersey women charged with prescription drug crime

    The federal Drug Enforcement Agency had been investigating two New Jersey women for approximately one month after suspecting involvement in a drug distribution ring. Just recently the two women were charged with the illegal sale of prescription drugs in federal court. Being charged with these types of drug crimes can be an overwhelming circumstance for the accused individual. Even if the charges ...
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  • Man living in New Jersey arrested by FBI for sex crimes

    When federal agents begin investigating charges of sex crimes, the pursuit can take weeks and even months. Often agents will pursue suspects across state lines in order to eventually make an arrest. For the suspect being pursued, allegations of committing a sex crime can significantly impact life as they know it. The more public accusations are made, the greater the damage to one's reputation. For ...
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