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Blog Posts in April, 2014

  • Can police search your cellphone if you are arrested?

    The U.S. Constitution protects Americans from unreasonable searches and seizures. In order for law enforcement to conduct a search and seizure, a warrant needs to be granted by a judge after police prove that there is probable cause to believe that a crime has been committed. The warrant must also specifically identify what evidence police are looking for and where the search will be taking place. ...
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  • Obama to pardon inmates unfairly sentenced on drug offenses

    During the height of the War on Drugs in the 1980s, many individuals were sentenced to very harsh prison terms for drug offenses that were relatively minor and non-violent in nature. Last year, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder announced that the Justice Department would be taking a different approach to non-violent drug offenses, effectively getting rid of some of the mandatory minimum sentences ...
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  • Science shows eyewitness identification is often flawed

    For many years, prosecutors have depended heavily on eyewitnesses to convince a judge or jury that a defendant committed a crime. However, in recent decades, it has become evident that eyewitnesses aren’t as reliable as the criminal justice system was giving them credit for. It’s not that eyewitnesses purposefully identify the wrong suspects, but instead that our minds can be easily tricked into ...
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  • Bergen County men charged with manslaughter in heroin overdose

    New Jersey prosecutors are beginning to rely more heavily on an old strict liability law in order to hold suspected drug dealers responsible in drug overdose cases. As means of fighting a growing rate of drug overdose deaths in the state, prosecutors are attempting to hold suspected drug dealers strictly liable for "drug-induced death.” Essentially, strict liability within criminal law means that ...
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  • Bergen County teen facing child pornography charges

    A Bergen County teenager is facing extremely serious charges after being accused of sharing and downloading “numerous” images and videos containing child pornography. The Bergen County prosecutor said recently in a news release that the pornography allegedly involves pre-pubescent children engaged in sex acts. The 16-year-old Garfield resident was arrested following an investigation by city police ...
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  • Bergen County man accused in 'luring' incidents

    An Englewood, New Jersey, man who is self-employed as a photographer is facing serious criminal charges for allegedly attempting to lure young girls as well as an adult woman into his vehicle last month. The 65-year-old was arrested this week and is being held in the Bergen County Jail on four counts of child endangerment and four counts of enticing a child into a motor vehicle. The man is accused ...
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  • Why marijuana charges still must be taken seriously

    A former New Jersey state assemblywoman recently brought up an interesting question in her column for The Jersey Journal. She said many states, including New Jersey, are currently considering doing away with laws that send people to jail for possessing minimal amounts of marijuana. While that’s all well and good for the people who will avoid charges in the future, the former assemblywoman ...
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  • Major 2013 drug bust leads to 22 indictments

    Following a widespread sweep last year involving close to 100 New Jersey police officers, more than 20 people have been charged with crimes related to an alleged wholesale heroin distribution ring. A total of 22 people were indicted on charges stemming from the so-called heroin distribution enterprise, which was allegedly operated out of homes in New Brunswick and involved sales in Hudson, ...
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  • Why aggravated assault doesn't always mean prison in New Jersey

    Unfortunately, domestic disputes can easily turn violent when tempers are running high and both parties are saying and doing things without thinking. If the situation escalates to the point of violence and the police are called, individuals in New Jersey can face serious criminal charges such as aggravated assault. In New Jersey, aggravated assault is a third-degree offense, which carries a ...
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