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Blog Posts in January, 2019

  • Do's & Don'ts For Your First Day in Court

    If you’ve never been to court before and you have your first appearance day coming up soon, you more than likely are facing a whirlwind of emotions that can include anxiousness, confusion, and even a good helping of nerves. It’s perfectly normal—facing a judge for the first time is an intimidating prospect. However, it’s also something that you can prepare for, and preparation is a good thing if ...
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  • Three Ways You Can Perpetrate Prescription Fraud

    Prescription fraud is a fairly straightforward offense: misrepresenting a prescription in order to obtain a controlled substance which you do not have permission to purchase. While the premise might be simple, it’s actually perpetrated in a number of different ways. On this blog, we’ll explain three common ways people commit prescription fraud and discuss the penalties if you’re convicted of them. ...
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