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Blog Posts in April, 2012

  • Man arrested in New Jersey for allegedly defrauding brain injury patients

    When people think of fraud, they often think of it as associated with executives that may have defrauded their company. In fact, an accusation of fraud can be directed toward virtually anyone. One New Jersey man, who worked with patients with brain injuries, was recently accused of fraud for stealing the patients' identities and filing tax returns in their names. These charges are very serious, ...
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  • Unconscious man arrested in New Jersey after reported police chase

    Sometimes allegations of crime can ruin a person's reputation. That is why it might be important to seek help in forming a rigorous criminal defense if you are ever charged with a crime. A man was arrested over the weekend in New Jersey for allegedly driving drunk and leading police on a chase. When the vehicle came to a stop, the man was unconscious but still arrested and taken to a local ...
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  • Two people arrested for burglary in New Jersey

    When someone is arrested, it is important they understand their rights. Police will often try to get information out of someone that they can then use against them in court. It is important to remember that you don't have to provide information to police that will help them convict you of a crime. Two people in New Jersey were recently arrested for an alleged burglary. Police say they broke into ...
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  • Child pornography arrests sweep New Jersey

    Some charges are particularly serious. Sex crimes that involve children, such as possession of child pornography in New Jersey, is a crime that has very serious penalties, and accusations of such crimes should be taken very serious. When someone is accused of this type of crime, the repercussions of the accusation in their home and professional lives can be felt almost immediately, even if the ...
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  • Man plans to represent himself on pot charges in New Jersey trial

    It rarely, if ever is a good idea to represent yourself in a criminal trial, even if you are an attorney. As the old saying goes the doctor who treats himself has a fool for a patient, the same goes for an attorney, but in this case the man is not an attorney but a marijuana legalization activist who plans to represent himself on marijuana charges in his New Jersey trial for. The man is on his way ...
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  • Former New Jersey railway executive accused of fraud

    Many executive level employees deal with large sums of money at companies all over the world, everyday. Occasionally, these executives are accused of crimes involving money and fraud. These accusations generally become public knowledge very quickly, and can ruin a person's reputation before they even have the chance to a fair trial. Two people have been indicted on fraud charges by the state of ...
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  • Eight people arrested in alleged drug ring out of New Jersey

    Police in another state arrested numerous people after they say they gathered evidence in a long investigation. Authorities say they have arrested eight people for drug crimes in connection with an alleged drug ring being run out of New Jersey. They are accused of trafficking heroin and distributing it to gangs. Many people are arrested for drug crimes every day in the United States. Sometimes ...
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  • Alleged sexual assault leads to New Jersey man's arrest

    A man was arrested last week after a woman alleged he kidnapped her and tried to sexually assault her. Sexual assault is often taken very seriously in New Jersey because of the nature of the crime, but also because of the severity of the allegations against the accused person. Because of how severe sexual crimes are taken by the court system, it is important for people accused of these crimes to ...
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