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Blog Posts in June, 2018

  • Have I Committed Tax Evasion?

    Filing your tax return every year is a mandatory responsibility for American citizens, and most people know just how important it is for them to be neat, accurate, and honest when filling out the necessary paperwork—nobody wants to face the dreaded tax audit or worse, be accused of tax evasion. The crime of tax evasion is willfully and knowingly misrepresenting or lying on your tax return forms to ...
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  • Do Police Need a Warrant to Search My Cellphone or Computer?

    Recent statistics estimate that over 90 percent of all Americans own a cell phone, with two thirds of those phones being “smart phones” capable of connecting to the internet and functioning in many of the same ways a computer did in the past. Computers are perhaps even more common, with almost every American household owning at least one personal computer. As such, cell phones and computers both ...
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