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Blog Posts in October, 2012

  • New Jersey man arrested after bank robbery investigation

    After a lengthy three-month investigation, a man was arrested in connection with multiple bank robberies. The investigation was conducted by the New Jersey Bank Robbery Task Force and concluded earlier this month with criminal charges being filed. The man who was arrested has been accused of robbing and attempting to rob multiple banks throughout the state and has now been charged with four ...
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  • Doctor pleads guilty to selling drugs in New Jersey

    Sometimes, charges and a conviction of a crime can have far reaching consequences. A doctor in New Jersey was facing charges of selling prescription pain medication to a drug dealer. Authorities also said the doctor created fraudulent medical documents. The man pleaded guilty to the alleged crimes. Because he pleaded guilty, he could face prison time, and would almost certainly lose his medical ...
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  • Is technology making policing easier or is it invading privacy, rights of accused?

    Predictive policing sounds like something out of a movie. The movie "Minority Report" is about police being able to predict crimes before they happen, essentially eliminating all criminal activity. While the level of predictive action described in that movie is still very much science fiction, new technology is being developed to help police become more efficient, and it might interfere with the ...
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  • Son of famous football coach faces fourth arrest for DUI

    Along with fame and notoriety also comes the constant scrutiny of the media. This is generally true any time a celebrity, or a family member of a celebrity, comes in contact with the law, especially when criminal charges are involved. This has certainly been the story for the sons of Mike Ditka, the football legend who led his team to multiple Super Bowl wins, both as a player and a coach. Both of ...
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  • DNA evidence may overturn murder conviction

    In the relatively recent past, without the benefit of advanced DNA testing capabilities, many people were convicted of crimes solely based on circumstantial evidence. Nowadays, with the availability of DNA testing, some of those previously accused and convicted of serious crimes, can try and prove their actual innocence through DNA comparison. This is exactly what one man previously convicted of ...
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  • Two arrested for alleged thefts from New Jersey school district

    Two people were arrested in New Jersey after allegedly stealing from two school districts. Both women were arrested on the charge of second-degree theft by unlawful taking or disposition. According to a report, one of the women worked for the school districts as a Transportation Manager. The charges allege that she send checks for services not received by a fake transportation services company. ...
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  • 5 arrested for alleged student-teacher sexual contact

    Sometimes, allegations can ruin a person's reputation. When allegations are regarding a person's direct job role, their employment might be put at risk as well as their reputation. Three teachers in New Jersey were recently arrested for various allegations of sexual conduct with students. Two administrators in the same school district were also arrested for allegedly allowing the situation to be ...
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  • Dentist facing fraud charges for alleged identity theft

    The detrimental effect of just being charged with any form of criminal allegation is something few people ever anticipate. The fallout from allegations, however, whether they involve minor crimes, violent crimes or white collar crimes such as embezzlement, fraud or identity theft, can be real. To best address them, the wisest action anyone can take is contacting an experienced criminal defense ...
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  • Drunk driving prevention funding might increase arrests in New Jersey

    Many times, drunk driving prevention campaigns are implemented when a government law enforcement body receives extra funding to help them specifically target drivers who might be intoxicated. These campaigns often include increased traffic stops and police specifically trying to increase the number of people that they arrest and charge with drunk driving. Recent funding that has been awarded in ...
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  • California sex offenders chafe at Halloween restrictions

    Some registered sex offenders in California say community ordinances preventing them from putting up Halloween decorations and lights are a violation of their rights to free speech under the United States Constitution. They are pressing city governments there to lift those bans, which local officials say are intended to protect children and have nothing to do with the First Amendment. In some ...
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  • Men arrested in New Jersey on weapons charges

    Two men were arrested last week for allegedly carrying weapons. Officers from a New Jersey police department stopped the two men after they said the men were walking down the streets and not bending their arms. They allegedly found a steak knife and a broomstick on the two men. They were arrested and charged with weapons possession and released. Although a broomstick and a steak knife might not ...
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