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Blog Posts in December, 2012

  • 'Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over' campaign continues in New Jersey

    Back in November we warned our readers about New Jersey law enforcement campaigns to reduce drunk driving even by asking fellow residents to report any possible violations they see. Those campaigns were in response to historic patterns around the Thanksgiving holiday week. In a statewide "Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over" enforcement campaign, local police departments across the state were at it ...
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  • Reverse mergers basis of SEC fraud charges against New Jersey man

    Running a business in the United States is complicated. Business owners have to follow laws and regulations set not only by state officials but ones enforced by federal agencies as well. These can be confusing to follow for even the savviest business owner, and in some instances the business decisions can even lead to accusations that a white collar crime has occurred. Take the complicated nature ...
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  • New Jersey man faces sexual assault charges

    When someone is accused of a crime, it is important that they understand their rights. Every person is allowed to defend themselves and has the right to a fair trial. If the person faces charges related to a sex crime in New Jersey, it might be especially important to form a rigorous defense. A man in New Jersey was accused earlier this week of sexual assaulting another person. Police say that the ...
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  • 52 people charged in alleged New Jersey drug ring

    According to reports, an eight-month long investigation is what led to the arrest of 41 people in Monmouth County. The county prosecutor announced the arrests earlier this week, charging 52 people involved in a multimillion-dollar heroin ring. The report said that 11 of the people that were charged have not yet been arrested. These charges are extremely serious. After eight months, an ...
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  • Four men arrested in New Jersey drug bust

    Police often investigate drug related crimes in hopes of finding out who might be dealing the drugs to certain geographic areas. Over the last month, police have arrested four people in the Bergen County and North Jersey area for drug dealing related charges. A report said the police also seized over $40,000 worth of cocaine during their arrests and subsequent investigations. Police searched some ...
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  • Man charged with sexual assault while working in New Jersey emergency room

    A man was arrested late last month for allegedly sexually assaulting two women. According to a report the man has been charged with one count of criminal sexual contact and one count of sexual assault in New Jersey. A news report says the man was accused of placing a woman's hand on his genitals and fondling another woman while he was a worker in an emergency room. These accusations are especially ...
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  • New Jersey police arrest, accuse man of kidnapping

    A man was arrested after police say he kidnapped a girl last month and took her to a home that the two had previously shared. The man and women were reportedly in a relationship and had participated in a religious ceremony not recognized by the State of New Jersey. The teenage girl had been living with her parents when she was reportedly taken. Police say she was taken against her will and the man ...
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  • Custodian arrested for filming New Jersey students, teachers

    Authorities have arrested a man that worked at a southern New Jersey school as a custodian. The man was arrested late last month, accused of placing eight cameras around the school and filming students and teachers, including in student changing areas. The man had to resign as chief custodian at the high school, and prosecutors say the man was in charge of the surveillance system at the school. He ...
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  • Two plead guilty to fraud charges in New Jersey

    Two men are now facing lengthy prison sentences and hefty fines after pleading guilty to fraud related charges. The men were accused of taking kickbacks for referrals and then not reporting income properly, totaling over $1 million combined. The men reportedly took $500 for each patient they referred for additional services outside of the services of their chiropractic businesses. The men were ...
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