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  • Who Can See Expunged Records in New Jersey?

    Unfortunately, after serving their time, paying the necessary fines, and trying to reintegrate into society, many convicted felons face employment discrimination and financial challenges after their release. Because of the societal consequences and/or discrimination, ex-offenders may consider expunging their record (if they are eligible). An expungement refers to the removal of any records of ...
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  • What Are My Rights if I'm Arrested in New Jersey?

    If you’ve been arrested, a million thoughts likely raced through your mind while under custody. Will I go to jail? If so, how long will I be there? How will this affect the rest of my life? What will my family and friends think? Is there any hope for me in my circumstances? When in this scenario, it’s essential you know your rights and secure the representation of an experienced criminal defense ...
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  • New Jersey Courts Expunge Over 360,000 Marijuana Cases

    On September 16, 2021, the New Jersey Judiciary announced that the state has expunged over 362,000 marijuana cases since July 1 – with thousands more to come. The move comes months after the New Jersey Supreme Court issued an order, which “provides for the dismissal, vacating, and expungement of certain marijuana and hashish cases from criminal records. In 2019, Governor Phil Murphy signed ...
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  • Do I Qualify for Expungement?

    In simple terms, an expungement is a petition to the court to have your criminal record cleared. When granted, it means you are no longer required to disclose your criminal record on applications for employment, housing, professional licenses, or for other life opportunities. After an expungement, your record will not appear on a routine background check and if asked about any past arrests or ...
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  • The Benefits of Expungement

    Do I qualify for an Expungement? The qualifications for expungement are based on a set of factors that are unique to each crime and personal history. These factors include the absence of past criminal convictions, the crime itself, the verdict or plea and the subsequent waiting period. It is crucial that you speak with a qualified New Jersey criminal defense lawyer who can help you determine your ...
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  • Erase Your NJ Criminal Record Through Expungement

    Arrests and criminal convictions rarely only affect a person’s life while their criminal case is open or while they are serving their sentence. Depending on the severity of the offense, a past arrest or criminal charge can negatively impact a person’s life for years to come, hindering their employment prospects and preventing them from re-assimilating into society. Fortunately, certain individuals ...
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