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Blog Posts in October, 2020

  • 3 Tips to Avoid Disorderly Conduct Charges on Halloween

    Halloween is full of activities, whether they be costume contests, trick-or-treating, pranks or parties. That is why people do not waste the opportunity to make the most of this beloved holiday by participating in the fun. But sometimes, Halloween activities can come to an abrupt halt when actions and behaviors get “out-of-hand.” Maybe someone had too much to drink, a Halloween prank went awfully ...
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  • Is Marijuana Odor Probable Cause for a Warrantless Search in NJ?

    Warrantless Searches Under The “Plain Smell” Doctrine Marijuana use continues to be a widely debated topic in the US. In New Jersey, recreational marijuana has yet to be legalized, although its medical counterpart was passed into law in 2010. Qualified medical marijuana patients can access a variety of marijuana treatments but must be cautious when transporting such items in their vehicles. ...
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