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Blog Posts in June, 2012

  • Multiple people arrested in New Jersey for identity theft

    A supposed lengthy investigation has led to the arrest of 17 people across six states and 22 people charged with crimes related to identity theft. Many of the people arrested for identity theft were residing in New Jersey. Federal authorities identified one man as the person who led the alleged complex scheme. They say the man used different techniques and falsified immigration documents to get ...
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  • State Assembly passes drug treatment bill, heads to New Jersey governor for signature

    Sometimes, there are crimes that people are convicted of that probably affect very few people except the person that is arrested and charged with the crime. This is common for those arrested for drug crimes in New Jersey and many people who are convicted of these crimes end up in prison, taking up space and resources that could be better utilized elsewhere. A bill that we have written about many ...
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  • New Jersey drunk driving bill pulled from consideration

    Drunk driving is a serious criminal law matter. Many people face drunk driving charges in New Jersey every year, and the consequences of a conviction can have long-lasting effects. These convictions can affect a person's work and social life. A one-time mistake of drunk driving can cost a person financially, professionally and in many other aspects of their life. A bill that was to make penalties ...
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  • Two men charged with alleged fraudulent credit card use at New Jersey mall

    Police are accusing two men of trying to use a fake credit card to buy multiple iPads. The two are charged with numerous felony fraud charges in New Jersey. Police say the two went to a Best Buy store and tried to buy the iPads, where they were arrested and authorities allegedly found seven fraudulent credit cards and a fraudulent license plate on their car in the parking lot. Now, both men will ...
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  • Man arrested, charged with multiple thefts in New Jersey

    Police say they conducted a lengthy investigation all over the state before making an arrest this week. Now, authorities are charging the man with multiple theft counts for crimes they say he committed in multiple New Jersey cities. The man was arrested in New Brunswick in his hotel room and is accused of burglaries since March. According to reports, the man is also a person of interest for more ...
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  • Church mentor charged with sexual assault of child in New Jersey

    A man was arrested over the weekend after being accused of a sex crime with a child. The New Jersey church mentor is now facing two counts of criminal sexual contact and one count each of sexual assault and endangering the welfare of a child. According to reports the man was not a mentor to the child when the alleged assaults occurred. It is important in cases of alleged sexual assault to be ...
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  • New Jersey driver accused of swallowing cocaine, arrested on drug charges

    Police are accusing a man of swallowing drugs during a traffic stop. The New Jersey driver reportedly swallowed cocaine after being pulled over for a moving violation, and he is now facing criminal charges. Many times people facing drug charges could spend time in jail and a fine if they are convicted. The man is charged with tampering with evidence and possession of a controlled dangerous ...
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  • String of credit card charges leads to New Jersey fraud investigation

    Sometimes people's credit card information is compromised. It can often take a long time to figure out what happened, especially if the person hasn't lost their actual card. Multiple reports of credit card fraud in New Jersey are prompting the U.S. Secret Service to investigate. While it isn't clear whether any one person is the target of this investigation, it could be far reaching. People who ...
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  • New Jersey Senate approves bill easing alternative sentencing for drug crimes

    New Jersey is getting closer to making it easier for people convicted of drug crimes to get the help that they need. In February, we posted about the Governors desire to make it mandatory for people convicted of New Jersey drug crimes to go to drug treatment instead of prison. This would help solve the problem of repeat offenders and help them reintegrate into society. Now, the New Jersey Senate ...
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