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Blog Posts in August, 2013

  • Men from New Jersey named in alleged child porn case

    Accusations related to sex crimes are very serious. They are even more serious when a person is accused of child pornography or other crimes involving children. When someone is arrested for a sex crime in New Jersey, they might be wise to speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney. They can work with a person to form a defense and ensure that they understand their rights. A child ...
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  • New Jersey woman accused of false claims, fraud against charity

    A woman from New Jersey was charged earlier this month with various white collar crimes. She is facing charges of third degree theft by deception, fourth degree fraud and fourth degree creating fraudulent documents. These charges were brought against the woman after she made a claim for compensation from the One Fund Boston. This is a charity that was set up to help people whose family members ...
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  • 22 arrested in alleged New Jersey drug crimes, gang violence

    Police arrested 22 people in New Jersey recently after what they say was a five-month investigation into alleged drug and gang activity. Police say their focus was on violent crime and drug activity. Authorities from multiple departments and areas of New Jersey participated in the investigations and arrests. Nineteen of the 22 people arrested reportedly had past convictions and were considered ...
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  • New Jersey reality stars pleaded not guilty to fraud

    Reality TV stars Teresa and Joe Giudice are facing a major legal battle in New Jersey. The two, who star in Bravo's "Real Housewives of New Jersey," are facing 39 counts of fraud and entered not guilty pleas last week in federal court. Now, they will face trial in October. According to recent reports, the prosecutors in the case have asked Bravo for unaired footage from the television series, but ...
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  • New Jersey cops won't care if alcohol was inhaled or 'eyeballed'

    YouTube is a video-sharing site that is infinitely popular with younger generations. It is also the place where trends or "crazes" not only begin, but are spread across the nation like wildfire. Planking, T-Bowing or The Harlem Shake are some that prompt laughter. Others are a little less innocent. One of the latest trends that has been spotted on YouTube could lead to some serious criminal ...
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  • Third Jersey City police sweep ends with criminal charges

    Jersey City has been conducting raids and mass arrests over the course of the last few months, with the last one occurring late last week. The last police sweep effort resulted in 29 people being arrested, bringing the total number arrested in three police sweeps to 111. These arrests resulted in a variety of charges, but many of them related to drug charges. Serious criminal charges such as drug ...
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  • Business owner among those accused of New Jersey drug crimes

    Seven people were arrested recently in three New Jersey counties for alleged involvement in drug crimes. According to a report, police arrested individuals for allegedly distributing heroin and running a heroin ring. Some people face multiple counts, and one man who was arrested was considered a prominent business owner. The same report indicated that the man owned a communications business that ...
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  • Dozens arrested over weekend for alleged New Jersey drug crimes

    Police arrested 47 people this weekend as part of a second weekend-campaign focused on arresting people for drug crimes and other alleged crimes in Jersey City. The arrests were made when multiple law enforcement agencies worked together. While police say that many of the people were arrested for drug related offenses, the list of charges the people might face has not been released. Sometimes ...
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