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Blog Posts in February, 2020

  • Can You Sleep In Your Car While Drunk?

    You leave the bar sometime after midnight. You don’t want to order an Uber or leave your car. At the same time, you know you’re unsafe to drive. Is it safe to sleep in your car while drunk? Definition of DUI In New Jersey, law enforcement does not need to witness you driving under the influence to charge you with a DUI. The only need evidence needed is the reasonable assumption that you recently ...
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  • Can a Breathalyzer be Wrong?

    Whenever you get behind the wheel of a car, you give “implied consent” to submit to a breathalyzer. Blow a high number, and you face charges. Refuse, and you might face other penalties. But what happens if a medical condition gives the breathalyzer a false reading? Can a breathalyzer be wrong? Ketosis A strict ketogenic diet is one of the top causes of false breathalyzer readings. As your body ...
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