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Blog Posts in October, 2013

  • Man faces $1 million bail after alleged false calls to 911

    A New Jersey man was arrested Thursday after reportedly calling 911 multiple times, asking the 911 operator to get him a taxi. A report on the incident says police responded after the man called 911 multiple times, after being let out of a taxi following a dispute with the driver. The driver of the taxi says he was asked to take the man to another town but refused to pay the fair until he reached ...
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  • Man accused of drunk driving in fatal New Jersey crash

    A man from New Jersey is facing very severe charges after an alleged drunk driving accident that resulted in the death of a firefighter who assisted in rescue efforts after the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. Because of the fatality in this accident, a lot of media attention is being given to the case. In cases involving deaths or severe injuries, it is important for a person to be sensitive to ...
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  • Man sentenced for insurance fraud in New Jersey

    A man in New Jersey was accused of being a part of a construction company's insurance fraud scam. The man reportedly visited homes and damaged them to look like hail damage on siding and roofing before home owners had even known their home was damaged. The constuction company he worked for reportedly then told homeowners that they could get free siding and roofing for their damaged homes, and the ...
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  • Police officer accused of official misconduct in New Jersey

    A police officer in southern New Jersey is accused of official misconduct and falsifying records. The officer has now filed a lawsuit against the town after he was charged with these alleged crimes. According to a report, the police officer made an arrest of a state legislator last year for drunk driving. The charges against Assemblyman Paul Moriarty were later dropped, and the police officer was ...
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  • Alleged drunk driving accident leads to charges in New Jersey

    One person was charged with multiple crimes Friday after a car accident. One of the drivers in the three-car accident was charged with aggravated assault, as well as drunk driving and reckless driving. These charges are especially serious, and could result in jail time and loss of the person's driver's license if convicted. Sometimes people are charged with crimes before all of the details in a ...
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  • New Jersey man tasered at Rutgers football game

    A man attending a Rutgers football game in another state was arrested after being tasered by police. According to a report, the man was trying to pull a cop away from his brother while his brother was being arrested for allegedly getting into a fight with another fan. Police say the man then ran, and was later found by police in the crowds of the stadium and tasered before his arrest. While it ...
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  • States, feds divided over anonymous 911 calls for traffic stops

    State and federal courts have been divided in their opinions on whether police can pull over a car just because of an anonymous 911 call. Sometimes drivers are not paying attention and might make a slight mistake while driving, causing another driver to call 911 to report an alleged drunk or reckless driver. The Supreme Court will hear a case this January to answer the question of whether police ...
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  • Two face drug charges after New Jersey traffic stop

    Two people could be facing serious jail or prison sentences if they are convicted of drug crimes following a traffic stop early last week. The two were in the same car, when a police officer pulled them over for an equipment violation. It isn't clear what exactly the violation was that resulted in the initial traffic stop in New Jersey. However, after the officer approached the vehicle, reports ...
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  • Are Tasers used too freely?

    Many people have questions about Tasers. Law enforcement agencies have touted the use of Tasers as an alternative to deadly force, saying that it enhances their ability to subdue a person safely when trying to arrest them. However, a new report has found that there have been over 500 deaths in the United States after Taser-related incidents. With over 16,000 law enforcement agencies across the ...
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  • Man charged with drug crime after text message, traffic stop

    A man in New Jersey was arrested last week, after he allegedly texted a police officer to set up a drug deal. According to a report, police say the man texted the officer to set up a meeting to sell a quarter pound of marijuana. Three law enforcement agencies set up a meeting with the man, in which police say the man fled. The man was pulled over in a traffic stop where he declined to have his car ...
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