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Blog Posts in July, 2013

  • Man faces drug charges after New Jersey traffic stop

    A man was arrested earlier this week after police pulled him over for speeding. The incident happened in Newton, where police thought they smelled marijuana in the vehicle. After a search of the car, they police allege the man had a small amount of marijuana in his possession. He was then charged with possession of less than 50 grams of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, speeding and ...
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  • Officials arrest 150 people for alleged child sex-trafficking

    Authorities from the Federal Bureau of Investigation announced the arrest of 150 people across the country over the weekend for child sex-trafficking. It isn't clear what states people were arrested in, but officials called this the largest operation of arrests for child sex-trafficking, and said arrests were made in 76 U.S. cities. Large operations similar to this happen all the time across the ...
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  • New Jersey priest charges with sexual contact

    A priest in New Jersey has been charged with having sexual contact with a 14-year-old girl. The allegations come after a girl said she was consulting with the priest about personal problems in January. The girl said the priest kissed her, and engaged in sexual contact. The man is also charged with luring a child and endangering the welfare of a child. When a person is in a very public role in ...
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  • Six people face sex trafficking charges in New Jersey

    Five men and one woman were arrested after reportedly operating brothels in New Jersey, which were a part of a large network across multiple states. The woman who was arrested is reportedly the girlfriend of the leader of the group, and was accused of helping the man run the brothels. These accusations are extremely serious. Both federal and state authorities worked on an investigation, that ...
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  • New Jersey woman charged with embezzlement enters special program

    A New Jersey woman was arrested on May 30th for alleged embezzlement of $11,404 from a New Jersey fire department. It is claimed that the woman's position with the fire department involved the booking of hotel rooms for a firefighter' convention. However, she was accused of pocketing any excess money rather than refunding it to members. The woman has since apparently entered what is called a ...
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  • Business owner pleads guilty to wire fraud

    A man from Mountain Lakes has pleaded guilty to white collar crimes after admitting that he obtained a half-million dollars by defrauding investors in a television programming initiative. The man, 77, was accused of deceiving the investors by telling them that the money would be used to pay for educational programming designed to reach teen audiences. In reality, it appears that the man kept the ...
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  • Two people arrested after alleged New Jersey drug deal on street

    Police say they saw an alleged drug deal occurring on the street in a New Jersey town. A report says that the officers identified themselves to the men who are accused, and the men tried to flee. One man was charged with hindering apprehension and also held for two other warrants. The other man was charged with two counts of aggravated assault on a police officer and resisting arrest by flight. ...
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  • How will technology impact the future of criminal cases?

    Over the Fourth of July, a reported fight broke out between two men along the boardwalk in Wildwood, N.J. The while police handled the situation, people started to take out their cell phones to record the incident. While cases with this type of video occur all of the time, one person in the crowd was wearing a new wearable device, called Google Glass. Instead of hitting a button or taking ...
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  • Man arrested for allegedly attempting fight in New Jersey bar

    A man was arrested over the Fourth of July holiday weekend after police say he was drunk and trying to fight people at a bar. He is now facing disorderly conduct charges and resisting arrest after being arrested on July 4. A police officer says he responded to a bar, where the man was attempting to fight people. Police arrested the man and he was later charged. During holiday weekends, police and ...
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  • New Jersey man arrested for robbery, cops say caught on camera

    A man was arrested in a neighboring state late last week after authorities say the man broke into a house, where a woman was with a child. According to reports the man allegedly harmed the woman, while the child was left alone. These accusations are very severe, and could lead to a lengthy prison sentence if the man is convicted. He was reportedly charged with attempted murder, robbery, burglary ...
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  • Police awards for New Jersey drunk driving arrests presume guilt

    Two New Jersey law enforcement officers were given awards for their number of driving while intoxicated (DWI) arrests in 2012. The two led their department in number of arrests. One of the problems with awards like these are that they presume the person who was arrested, was arrested properly and they encourage other officers to arrest more people for drunk driving. This could lead to arrests for ...
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