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Blog Posts in September, 2015

  • How drug laws could impact New Jersey residents

    Since 2008, the number of deaths related to heroin overdoses in Ohio have quadrupled, and many other states including New Jersey have seen a spike in the number of drug-related fatalities as well. To help combat the problem, prosecutors around the country are going after the people who deal the drug, but there may be legal issues with taking such a hard stance. Some lawyers believe that a murder ...
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  • Woman charged with drug crimes after police seize heroin

    On Sept. 13, a 20-year-old New Jersey woman was taken into police custody after authorities seized 18 packages of heroin. According to a statement issued by a Holmdel police officer, the incident took place after an officer observed her driving erratically in a Jeep at around 3 a.m. The officer followed the woman for a short distance before conducting a traffic stop on the vehicle at the Laurel ...
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  • Man sold cocaine and heroin from his New Jersey home, police say

    On Sept. 21, authorities indicted a 35-year-old man who was taken into police custody back in December 2014 for allegedly dealing drugs from his home. The man, who is from Middlesex County, faces a number of drug-related charges after officials claim they found heroin, cocaine and drug paraphernalia in his home. Law enforcement officials also believe that he was in the midst of a drug deal at the ...
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  • Man charged with possession after 2,700 doses of heroin seized

    On Sept. 16, it was reported that a New Jersey man was taken into custody and was charged with multiple drug offenses after approximately 2,700 doses of heroin was allegedly seized. The 23-year-old man was facing charges for possession of heroin and possession of heroin with intent to sell, among other offenses. A number of law enforcement agencies were involved in the case. The authorities ...
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  • Questions arise about new federal approach to white-collar crime

    New Jersey residents might not know that the Justice Department is making changes in an approach to crack down on white-collar criminal activity by corporations, but some believe the new DOJ policies are long overdue and are not enough to hold the responsible companies accountable. The problem with many alleged crimes committed by corporations is that individuals may be turned over for wrongdoing ...
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  • Ex-fire chief no longer facing child porn charges

    In February 2013, a New Jersey man was detained along with 24 other individuals as part of a child pornography sting. The 64-year-old had previously served as a fire captain in Union County before his retirement, and the charges against him revolved around allegations that he had distributed the illegal content with other users in a form of file-sharing network. In early September 2015, however, ...
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  • Man charged with drug offenses after shooting himself

    It was reported on Sept. 5 that a New Jersey man who was charged with shooting himself in the leg was also facing drug charges. The man reportedly shot himself near Clinton Avenue and Sackett Street on Aug. 18 before being dropped off at a nearby hospital. Authorities were alerted to the situation and drug charges were filed. The man, age 18, was on probation when the Aug. 21 incident occurred. He ...
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  • New Jersey drunk driving laws are some of the most lenient

    New Jersey lawmakers have often been recognized for their proactive efforts to improve road safety, but a 2015 survey of traffic laws around the country discovered that the Garden State can be quite forgiving to motorists who behave in ways that could put the lives of other road users in jeopardy. The survey was conducted by the consumer information website, and it ranked New Jersey ...
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  • Former student found not guilty of sexual assault

    New Jersey students may be interested to learn that, on Aug. 28, a former student at a New Hampshire prep school who was accused of raping a 15-year-old girl was found not guilty. The former student, age 19, was still found guilty of several other related charges that could still result in an 11-year prison sentence. The trial heavily focused on what was referred to as the "senior salute," where ...
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