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Blog Posts in November, 2012

  • Man arrested for counterfeit computer products

    A man in New Jersey was arrested after New Jersey state police were tipped off about alleged fake Apple computer products being sold at bodegas in New Jersey. Police say Apple contacted them after finding out about the sale of products that might not have been authorized. When a person is arrested, they might not know what to do. Police might start asking questions and leave little time for a ...
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  • Cell phones present varying criminal defense, privacy questions

    People across the country are becoming more mobile. With more mobile technology and the advancement of GPS technology and digital logs stored on phones, people's privacy is more at risk than ever. Now, judges and lawmakers are trying to figure out how cell phones should be handles in criminal cases. Should authorities be able to use evidence including data and GPS information from an accused ...
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  • New Jersey officials urge reporting of suspected drunk drivers

    Thanksgiving is just hours away. People across the country will be gathering with family and friends to celebrate everything that they are thankful for in their lives. During that celebration, some people might have a drink and then drive to a relative's house or drive home. Even if it is just one drink, some people might still find themselves spending Thanksgiving night behind bars. Authorities ...
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  • Man sentenced to probation in New Jersey for sexual assault

    A man from another state was sentenced to three years of probation last month after being convicted of sexual assault of a New Jersey girl. The man had stayed with the family in 2010, when authorities say he assaulted the girl. The man then returned to his home in California, where authorities were notified and he was arrested. Now, a year after the man was indicted, he is facing three years of ...
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  • New Jersey take note: Supreme Court sees dog-sniffing case

    For many New Jersey residents, dogs are pets, however, for man police officers, dogs are often regarded as employees of the department. An issue has made its way all the way to our nation's top court as it sparks much deliberation among state supreme courts and constitutionality: dogs sniffing out for drugs around and up close to our homes. This issue may seem trivial to some, but there have been ...
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  • Women admit to mail fraud in New Jersey

    According to a report, two women have admitted to defrauding a charity in New Jersey. The report says that the woman worked for a company that was administering a program for donated medications. These medications were donated by a pharmaceutical company in order to help patients with HIV and cancer who could not afford medications on their own. Both woman were charged with conspiracy to commit ...
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  • New Jersey bus driver facing charges for drunk driving

    Drunk driving is a serious offense. If could result in the loss of a person's license and in some cases their job. This is especially serious when their job depends on their license. A bus driver in New Jersey was arrested last year after people accused her of driving drunk while driving children. The woman is now accused of drunk driving and child endangerment. Many times, people can be accused ...
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  • Man arrested in New Jersey for prostitution, trafficking, sexual assault

    A man was arrested late last month for allegations of participating in a male prostitution ring. Authorities say the man lured young men and teen boys to his apartment to use drugs, such as heroin and cocaine, and then prostituted them to male clients. He allegedly found vulnerable people who may have been estranged from their family or in a difficult situation. While an investigation will likely ...
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  • Five arrested for alleged burglaries in New Jersey

    Last week, five people were arrested for an alleged burglary ring. The men are accused of burglarizing dozens of homes throughout northern New Jersey over the past few months. Police say the men were caught in another state and somehow tied to the burglaries in New Jersey, although reports didn't indicate how they were implicated in those alleged crimes. Officials say the investigation into these ...
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