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Blog Posts in December, 2021

  • Can Juveniles Be Tried as Adults in New Jersey?

    If your child has been arrested and charged with a criminal offense, you know how stressful and worrisome this situation is as a parent. The idea of your child being adjudicated (or undergoing judgment and receiving a sentence for their crimes) in the juvenile court system is likely less intimidating. Sentences issued in juvenile court tend to be more lenient with a goal toward rehabilitation, in ...
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  • What Are My Rights if I'm Arrested in New Jersey?

    If you’ve been arrested, a million thoughts likely raced through your mind while under custody. Will I go to jail? If so, how long will I be there? How will this affect the rest of my life? What will my family and friends think? Is there any hope for me in my circumstances? When in this scenario, it’s essential you know your rights and secure the representation of an experienced criminal defense ...
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