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Blog Posts in July, 2020

  • Benefits of a Criminal Trial Specialist

    Pursuing the Highest Standards of Excellence Our criminal defense lawyers at Brickfield & Donahue are not your average attorneys: We are Criminal Trial Specialists Certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey . In December 2016, only 1,650 out of 75,000 active New Jersey lawyers earned this designation. Anyone can call themselves a criminal lawyer, but not everyone can be a criminal law ...
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  • People on Probation & Parole in NJ Can Vote

    Understanding A5283 Impacts on Voting Rights A revolutionary new bill affects New Jersey residents who are on parole or probation. As part of his Second Chance Agenda, Governor Phil Murphey signed A5823 on December 18, 2019 to restore voting rights to residents who are on parole or probation. Effective March 17, 2020, this bill can impact over 80,000 NJ citizens. Only 16 other states allowed ...
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