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Blog Posts in January, 2016

  • 4 indicted on multiple weapons charges in New Jersey

    Police say that four people who are believed to be part of the Hells Angels have been indicted on a variety of charges. The charges stem from an incident that took place in August 2015 at a restaurant on Route 22 in Clinton Township. At that time, authorities say that law enforcement officials saw several people loading knives, machetes and other weapons into the trunk of a Chevy Malibu. In ...
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  • The psychology behind false confessions

    New Jersey watchers of the Netflix documentary series "Making a Murderer" likely know that questions have been raised about the reliability of confessions made by suspects after hours of grueling interrogation by police officers. The innocent confessing to crimes they did not commit seems unimaginable to most people who have not spent several terrified hours in a police interview room, and this ...
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  • NTSB calls for .05 percent drunk driving limit

    Drivers in New Jersey and all other states are considered legally intoxicated if they have a blood alcohol level of .08 percent or higher, but a recommendation made on Jan. 13 by the National Transportation Safety Board would see this limit reduced to .05 percent or lower. The safety agency says that adopting the proposal would save hundreds of lives each year and bring the United States in line ...
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  • Intoxication as a defense to criminal charges

    In some criminal proceedings in New Jersey, intoxication may be used as a defense. This is not true in all cases, however. The availability of intoxication as a defense will depend on whether the intoxicated state resulted involuntarily or voluntarily as well as the type of offense with which the person is charged. A person who was involuntarily intoxicated at the time the alleged crime was ...
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  • 4 men face charges following drug bust

    Following an undercover drug investigation that took place in 2014 in New Jersey, four men entered a guilty plea for their alleged involvement in what law enforcement officials say was a major drug trafficking ring in Burlington and Ocean counties. Both federal and state officials led the investigation known as "Operation Speed Racer". According to authorities, the men were charged after an ...
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  • Doctor-patient and spousal privilege in criminal proceedings

    New Jersey residents may know that those facing criminal charges may prevent individuals from giving evidence against them if they are in what is referred to as a privileged relationship. The relationship between an attorney and a client is the most widely known example of this legal principle, but there are a number of others. Like lawyers, doctors and other medical professionals work under ...
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  • Minor faces DWI following single-vehicle crash in New Jersey

    News sources in New Jersey report that a 16-year-old teenager is facing multiple charges related to underage drinking and driving following an accident on Dec. 28. According to law enforcement officials, the alleged drunk driver suffered minor injuries in the crash and was subsequently transported to Jersey Shore University Medical Center in Neptune for treatment. The driver's identity has not ...
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  • Rare medical condition can cause high BAC levels

    New Jersey residents may be surprised to learn that a rare medical condition may cause individuals to have blood alcohol levels far in excess of the legal driving limit even when they have not consumed significant amounts of alcohol. The condition is known as auto-brewery syndrome or gut-fermentation syndrome, and it was the reason that drunk driving charges filed against a New York woman were ...
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