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  • Aggravated DUI in New Jersey

    A first-time DUI conviction in New Jersey is punishable by a fine of up to $400, license suspension for up to three months, and a maximum 30-day jail sentence. However, even a first offense can lead to increased penalties—or even a felony charge—if certain aggravating factors exist in the case. Common factors of aggravated DUI in New Jersey include: High BAC – To be found guilty of a DUI, the ...
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  • New Jersey Revenge Porn Laws

    Couples nowadays sometimes share intimate and sexual photos and videos with each other over text, e-mail, and even social media messaging. However, when the relationship goes south, many jealous individuals seek revenge by sharing these private images online for the world to see in order to humiliate their exes and damage their reputation. This type of practice is known as revenge porn, which ...
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  • Common Cybercrimes in New Jersey

    The internet has become a huge part of our lives in today’s society, whether it’s communicating with peers and sharing photos of daily activities or staying current with the news and even performing work tasks. However, there are many crimes that are committed online. The following are the most common cybercrimes in New Jersey: Child pornography – While child pornography has existed prior to the ...
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  • Don’t Make These 5 Mistakes After a DWI Arrest

    Many people who commit a first-time DWI in New Jersey are also facing the criminal justice system for the first time in their lives. Unfortunately, there are several legal pitfalls that can ruin your chances of getting your entire case dismissed or your charges substantially reduced. The following are the most common mistakes people make after getting arrested for drunk driving: Fail to take ...
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  • NJ Medical Marijuana Patients Can’t Get Fired for Failing a Drug Test

    According to a ruling by the New Jersey appeals court on March 27, 2019, state workers cannot be fired if they fail a drug test because they are medical marijuana patients. Unless a patient is under the influence at work, they are protected by the state Law Against Discrimination. The State Department of Health says approximately 45,000 patients are currently registered to the state program. Every ...
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  • Common DUI Myths, Explained

    After an enjoyable night out spent enjoying a drink or two, you may have found yourself wondering how you can “sober up” and make yourself less drunk without waiting it out. Despite various misconceptions about drinking and how you can get alcohol out of your system, the truth remains the same. If you have been pulled over on suspected DUI, everything you do from that moment forward will determine ...
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  • What if I Was Falsely Accused of Domestic Violence?

    Domestic violence is one of the most heinous crimes in the legal realm. It is met with extreme and severe consequences which impact you for the rest of your life. A domestic violence conviction not only hurts your professional reputation, but it most certainly impacts how people view your character. Combating these life-ruining accusations is vital for you and your family’s future and best done ...
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  • Three Types of Fraud & Their Penalties

    When it comes to criminal offenses, there may not be any other offense with more types and variants than fraud. Fraud at its core is simple: attempting to deceive someone by misrepresenting yourself or something you have in order to defraud them is considered a “fraud” offense. However, how this is done can vary widely, and it seems like new types of fraud are appearing regularly. While fraud laws ...
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  • Can Your Smart Home Speaker Be Subpoenaed?

    One of the most popular tech additions to many homes is a smart home speaker with a digital assistant. The two most popular are Google Home and Amazon Alexa, which come in a variety of shapes and sizes for people of different budgets. While these speakers can make life much easier and even give you control over various systems in your home with nothing more than your voice, they’ve rightfully ...
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  • Do's & Don'ts For Your First Day in Court

    If you’ve never been to court before and you have your first appearance day coming up soon, you more than likely are facing a whirlwind of emotions that can include anxiousness, confusion, and even a good helping of nerves. It’s perfectly normal—facing a judge for the first time is an intimidating prospect. However, it’s also something that you can prepare for, and preparation is a good thing if ...
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  • Three Ways You Can Perpetrate Prescription Fraud

    Prescription fraud is a fairly straightforward offense: misrepresenting a prescription in order to obtain a controlled substance which you do not have permission to purchase. While the premise might be simple, it’s actually perpetrated in a number of different ways. On this blog, we’ll explain three common ways people commit prescription fraud and discuss the penalties if you’re convicted of them. ...
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