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Blog Posts in November, 2011

  • New Jersey officials see spike in child abuse hotline calls

    When a person is in the public eye, allegations of sex crimes can become more magnified. It can create a sense of alarm within the community, often leaving the accused person guilty in the minds of many. But in some instances, these types of allegations are eventually found to be unsubstantiated and the charges of sexual assault or sexual abuse are dropped. Even when this occurs, the damage to the ...
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  • Arrests for minor drug offenses drop in several New Jersey cities

    With the economy the way it is, it may be of little surprise that police departments are also struggling financially. In the early months of last year, five different cities across New Jersey that were struggling with funding and revenue had to let go of hundreds of police officers. Now, nearly two years later officials are looking at how the layoffs have affected crime rates and priorities within ...
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  • Serious charges filed against two from New Jersey in murder case

    Two New Jersey residents may be facing a lot of opposition as their murder trial is set to go before a grand jury. The male suspect is looking at more serious penalties if he is convicted while the female suspect has only been charged as an accomplice to murder. Criminal charges are serious, especially if they are murder charges. Anytime an individual has been charged with a crime, the ...
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  • New Jersey teacher accused of more than 30 sex crimes

    Being suspected of a sex crime such as sexual assault is serious. Even if charges aren't immediately filed, a person in this situation should understand the implications that even allegations can have. But if police decide to investigate accusations of sexual assault, it can often lead to criminal charges. When charged with a crime, a person may find themselves dealing with the police, prosecutors ...
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  • Drug charges result for three New Jersey residents after crash

    Three New Jersey residents were recently arrested and are currently facing a number of drug charges. A van that they had been in was involved in an accident. The collision damaged one of the van's tires and they set off to fix it. The crash itself is what sent police looking for the van. Police found the vehicle as well as the three individuals standing outside the van trying to figure out how to ...
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  • New Jersey police may be watching for male drunk drivers

    Men of New Jersey be forewarned: law enforcement may be on the lookout for you this holiday season. Why? Apparently men are more likely to drive while under the influence than women. According to two studies, one from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the other from the New Jersey Division of Highway Traffic Safety, men are statistically drinking and driving more often than their ...
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  • New Jersey woman charged with identify theft after Facebook fiasco

    What might have been an act done out of frustration or anger has resulted in identity theft charges for a New Jersey woman. She is accused of using the popular online social networking site Facebook to create an account under her ex-boyfriend's name. This particular case raises interesting questions about the use of the Internet and social networking sites to commit crimes. Currently New Jersey ...
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