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Blog Posts in May, 2012

  • Two charged with death by auto after New Jersey accident

    A tragic accident earlier this month left one man dead. According to reports, two men are now facing charges of death by auto after the car accident near MetLife stadium in New Jersey. They were both charged, although only one of the men allegedly hit the motorcyclist that died in the accident. In cases involving a tragic death, it is important to be sensitive to the victim's family, but also ...
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  • New Jersey man faces multiple drunk driving charges

    When a person is accused of a crime and arrested, a police report might be involved. This is a report that authorities will make, summing up their point of view on how an arrest took place. These reports can be released to the general public, and are often the sole source of new reports. A man in New Jersey is not facing media scrutiny because of an arrest for a DUI. His history of alleged ...
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  • Traffic stop results in drug charges against New Jersey man

    When it comes to drug charges, no accusation should be considered trivial. The potential fallout for anyone in New Jersey, just from the allegation, can be huge. Employment can be affected. Educational opportunities could be lost. And it doesn't matter if the substance involved is aprescription narcotics or cocaine. Oftentimes, the drug-related charge stems from a less serious infraction. ...
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  • DUI recognition awards may prompt unfair traffic stops in New Jersey

    Sometimes states put on campaigns to target certain crimes. They also may recognize officers that make arrests. This week a New Jersey police officer was recognized for making the most DUI arrests in the state. By recognizing arrests, police departments may encourage police officers to pull people over, when they aren't necessarily doing anything wrong, and subjecting them to embarrassing tests on ...
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  • Accusations lead to sexual assault charges against New Jersey teacher

    When criminal charges are related to a person's line of work, they can be especially serious. If a person in New Jersey is accused of sexual assault when they work for a school, the consequences could be career ending. Simply being accused of such a crime could have devastating effects on a person's reputation and might spell the end of their career in education. A woman in New Jersey has been ...
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  • New Jersey mom faces criminal charges after accusations of child endangerment

    A New Jersey mom is being accused of a crime that many people would gasp at. It has caused a lot of national media attention, but could be explainable. Many people use tanning booths, and understand the risks associated with using the machines that emit ultraviolet rays that can harm the skin. Now a New Jersey woman, who happens to tan often, is facing criminal charges of child endangerment after ...
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  • New Jersey man arrested for third DWI

    When people hear new reports of an arrest or charges filed against someone, many people automatically assume that person is guilty. This is probably because most news stories are only using the police report. This police report is used to assist the prosecution in the case that might be brought against the person arrested. The police often don't include defense statements in their reports. A man ...
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