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Blog Posts in April, 2013

  • Couple in New Jersey accused of fraudulent travel business

    Authorities have indicted two people in New Jersey for allegedly defrauding consumers in a travel scam. According to reports, the couple was charged with fraud related charges, including money laundering and conspiracy after investigators say the two opened and closed businesses in New Jersey without fulfilling services they promised to customers. The two could face severe penalties if they are ...
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  • New Jersey authorities arrest dozens on drug allegations

    Police released the names of 49 people this week that they believe were part of almost daily drug deals. The prosecutor in the case said that many of the people would travel to different parts of the state to get drugs, mainly heroin, on an almost daily basis. The authorities accuse some of possibly selling the drugs to others and some of just using the drugs. The arrests happened over a 10 month ...
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  • Reese Witherspoon arrested after husband pulled over for alleged DUI

    We've all heard of celebrities being pulled over by police for various reasons. This week, reports surfaced that Reese Witherspoon and her husband were pulled over after police suspected her husband was driving their car drunk in another state. According to reports, the actress was also arrested after police say she tried to defend her husband to police in an unusual way, by asking the police if ...
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  • Right of silence: Fifth Amendment case presented to Supreme Court

    We've all heard these famous words: you have the right to remain silent. Whether someone has been arrested or just heard the words on a television show or movie, many people are familiar with the phrase that police should tell a person after an arrest. But what exactly does this all mean. It means that people don't have to tell police anything after they are arrested or facing criminal charges. ...
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  • Man loses NJ Supreme Court drug crime case

    A man was arrested in New Jersey in 2008 after police say he answered the door while smoking a marijuana cigarette. The police did not obtain a warrant before entering the man's residence. They reportedly found marijuana, cocaine and heroin inside the man's apartments. The man contested the charges saying the police should have had a warrant to enter his apartment, but the New Jersey Supreme Court ...
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  • New Jersey cardiologist pleads guilty to fraud

    A cardiologist that had offices in New Jersey and New York pleaded guilty this week to fraud charges. The man was accused of billing $19 million in treatments that weren't necessary. Authorities say he diagnosed people incorrectly with coronary artery disease and angina. He then allegedly treated them and billed Medicare and Medicaid. These cases often contain a large amount of information. In ...
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  • Man arrested for drunk driving after New Jersey chase

    Late last month, a man was arrested after allegedly leading police on a high-speed chase. The man is facing multiple charges after reportedly running through a red light and hitting two police cars during their attempts to stop the vehicle. He now faces charges of eluding police, aggravated assault, resisting arrest and driving while intoxicated in New Jersey. These charges are severe, and might ...
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  • New Jersey woman faces third arrest for identity theft charges

    A New Jersey woman was arrested this week, her third arrest this year, on charges of identity theft. Authorities say the woman stole multiple identities, including the identities of her three young children in order to open accounts with a home heating-oil company. Having bad credit, the woman was reportedly denied accounts under those names, but then opened an account under a completely different ...
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  • Man from neighboring state arrested for drug charges in New Jersey

    When people are arrested in a state that they don't live in, they might not be familiar with all of the laws. Most people don't understand court procedures and how certain charges will affect them. If they are in a state that isn't their home state, they might have many questions about how charges could affect them in their home state and how they will be treated in the court system of the state ...
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