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Blog Posts in July, 2012

  • Person shot during robbery, alleged shooter faces criminal charges

    A New Jersey shooting last November resulted in the death of a 64-year-old. If you have been following the news, you may have heard that a 19-year-old Newark man was arrested on felony criminal charges for the commission of this shooting. According to reports, the 19-year-old allegedly shot the deceased during an attempted robbery in an apartment residence. Three people were supposedly in the ...
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  • DWI Offenders Who Drive with Suspended Licenses Under NJSA 2C: 40-26

    You or someone you know has been convicted of drunk driving. What a pain! License gone, insurance costs though the roof, fines, attorney fees--a huge hassle. Plus, it's hard to get to work. Forget going out very often--you have to rely on other people to take you where you want to go. How humiliating is that!? And there sits your car. So, one fine day you have an errand. It'll be a quick trip and ...
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  • Group home worker charged with sexual assault in New Jersey

    A group home worker is facing serious allegations this week. The man was arrested after being accused of sexual assault of an autistic woman at a group home in New Jersey. Police say the man turned himself in and he was arrested and charged with first degree aggravated sexual assault. The man was a staff member at the group home where the incident allegedly occurred. When someone is accused of a ...
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  • New Jersey man charged with death by auto, DWI after 2 killed

    A Wednesday night accident left two people dead and one person seriously injured. The accident happened when a truck hit a taxi cab in Jersey City, New Jersey, pushing the cab onto the sidewalk hitting a pedestrian. There was also an explosion during the crash, which caused severe burns to the passengers of the cab. According to a report on The Star-Ledger's website, police say the man appeared to ...
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  • New Jersey man arrested, accused of pizzeria fraud

    A man accused of enticing an investor for money to open a pizzeria was arrested last week. The man was charged with fraud after investigators say the man took $1.2 million to invest in starting a New Jersey pizzeria, but used the money for other things instead. Authorities say the man used the money to by luxury goods and gamble. These serious accusations could lead to a long prison sentence and ...
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  • Four men arrested in New Jersey for allegedly attempting drug deal

    Police say they have foiled a drug deal and arrested four men they believe were involved. According to New Jersey police, the men were charged with drug crimes as well as eluding arrest, possession of a stolen vehicle and weapons charges. Authorities say they stopped a drug deal after police saw occupants from a Mercedes meet with two men in a Toyota. These crimes are especially serious and it ...
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  • Police charge New Jersey woman with DWI

    Minor traffic violations can sometimes turn into something much more. That could be what happened to a woman who was arrested and charged with driving while intoxicated and other traffic violations in New Jersey last week. The woman was driving down the road when she allegedly went by a police officer and failed to dim her high beams. According to a report, this is when the cop started following ...
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  • Man indicted on New Jersey sexual assault charges

    Sometimes, people face charges for alleged crimes that occurred many years in the past. This can happen when a potential crime isn't discovered for a long period of time, or if the authorities don't have enough evidence to charge a person with a crime. A New Jersey man was charged recently with multiple sex crimes including sexual assault and endangering the welfare of a child. These charges come ...
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