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Blog Posts in June, 2014

  • Supreme Court requires warrant to search cellphone's data

    Everyone in New Jersey is protected by the Bill of Rights. The first 10 amendments to the Constitution serve a variety of roles, but their biggest is to protect us against an overreaching government. When it comes to criminal law, this often means the Fourth Amendment. The Fourth Amendment protects against unreasonable searches and seizures, requiring that the government obtain a warrant before ...
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  • New Jersey cracks down on unemployment insurance fraud

    There are a number of people in Bergen County who were hard hit by the recession, many of whom lost their jobs. This has led to many people applying for unemployment insurance benefits through the New Jersey Department of Labor. These benefits are meant to help people until they are able to get back on their feet, yet there has apparently been a problem with unemployment insurance fraud. While ...
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  • Drug crimes and the untold story of addiction

    Many people in Bergen County see drugs in two very different lights. On one side are the poor, innocent individuals who became hooked on drugs. On the other are the horrible people responsible for getting people hooked on drugs and who are picked up by police on drug charges. Of course, these are simplifications and rarely do individuals actually fall in one camp or the other, but the message is ...
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  • Drunk driving penalties may surprise some

    It is a story that many people in New Jersey have heard before: a Warren County man was stopped by police on suspicion of drunk driving and has not been charged with driving while intoxicated, failure to maintain a lane and reckless driving. Perhaps something similar has even happened to you. While this story is not necessarily uncommon, the choice to fight the charges and dispute thedrunk driving ...
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  • How many 'offenders' in New Jersey are actually innocent?

    If you are arrested by police and told that they have forensic evidence linking you to a crime, what would you think? Most people in New Jersey and across the country consider forensic science to be largely accurate. Some people consider it to be infallible, which means that even if there is the slightest amount of forensic evidence that indicates an individual is guilty, they will believe the ...
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  • Truck driver charged with vehicular homicide and injury by auto

    Any fans of Tracy Morgan's likely know that he has been involved in a horrible car accident on the New Jersey turnpike after he was returning from a show in Delaware. The details of the crash are certainly horrific and hopefully Morgan and the others who were injured in the crash recover quickly. Not only were three people injured in the crash, but one comedian was killed, too. As a result, the ...
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  • Man spends 11 years in prison for a rape he didn't commit

    When someone is convicted of sexual assault in New Jersey, do we really know if he or she committed the crime? Many of us assume that he or she did because a judge or jury found him or her guilty, but can't they make mistakes? And, if they do make mistakes and people are sent to prison for crimes they never committed, how often does it happen? It is likely impossible to know exactly how many ...
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  • Exorbitant prison sentence for pot brownies raises eyebrows

    Pot and hash brownies are nothing new. People have been using marijuana and marijuana-derived products in baking for quite some time. Just like anything else with marijuana in it, hash brownies are illegal, and someone caught selling them in Bergen County could be looking at very serious drug possession charges. It is highly unlikely, however, that someone could be sentenced to life in prison for ...
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