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Blog Posts in January, 2022

  • What Are Grounds for Appealing an Excessive Sentence?

    Late last year, a trial involving a 2019 truck wreck in Colorado made national news. According to CBS News, the accident involved a truck crashing into stopped traffic while traveling on Colorado’s Interstate 70 near Denver. In the aftermath of the wreck, four people were killed and many others were injured. The truck driver who caused the crash claimed that the wreck happened because his brakes ...
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  • Is a Marijuana DWI Considered as Serious as an Alcohol-Related One?

    In popular culture, marijuana usage is often portrayed in a more casual light than taking hard drugs or drinking alcohol. Because of this, when people think of incidents involving someone driving while intoxicated or impaired (DWI), the first thing to come to mind is usually drunk driving. In addition, the way marijuana use is portrayed also impacts how marijuana DWIs are viewed. In many cases, a ...
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