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Blog Posts in June, 2011

  • New Jersey patrols out in full force over Fourth of July weekend

    It's a busy weekend for people as families and friends get ready to celebrate the Fourth of July. But this upcoming weekend will also be busy for local and state law enforcement in New Jersey as patrols focus on keeping impaired drivers off the road. In New Jersey, getting arrested for drunk driving can lead to stiff penalties that include fines and sometimes jail time. Even a first-time DWI ...
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  • New Jersey informant in fraud scheme arrested for lying to FBI

    Several years ago, federal investigators arrested nearly 50 individuals believed to be involved in one of the largest fraud schemes in New Jersey's history. One New Jersey man who was arrested in connection with the scheme recently had his bail revoked after violating the terms of his agreement as a cooperating witness. In 2006, the man was arrested and admitted to being a part of a Ponzi scheme ...
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  • Arrest for sex crime in New Jersey could land you in DNA database

    According to the New Jersey DNA database, there are approximately 225,000 DNA samples on record of individuals who have been convicted of a crime. But that number could go up if a bill is passed through the New Jersey Assembly. The bill, which has already passed a Senate vote, would require anyone who is arrested to provide a DNA sample to police. The current law requires people convicted of a ...
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  • Fugitive arrested in New Jersey restaurant on serious drug charge

    A restaurant in New Jersey was the scene of an arrest after U.S. marshals apprehended a man suspected of drug trafficking and distribution. The marshals had been searching for the man for more than three years after he was indicted for operating a drug trafficking ring in 2008. Being charged with a drug crime can lead to a number of different consequences. Penalties can often include a prison ...
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  • Criminal charges brought against New Jersey boat owner

    Being charged with a crime can have many implications, both legally and personally. A conviction can lead to penalties that can include a prison sentence or probationary period. In addition, a criminal record can make it difficult to find employment or even purchase a home in the future. Four men from New Jersey are faced with some of the penalties that a criminal charge can carry. They were ...
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