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Blog Posts in October, 2011

  • Retailers may face a scary thing on Halloween: criminal charges

    As Halloween quickly approaches, many New Jersey residents are putting the finishing touches on their costumes. Some costumes are more extravagant than others, while others still are simple yet creative. This time of year is great for Halloween costume stores. But what some retailers do not know is that selling one particular piece of a costume could result in criminal charges. Recently the New ...
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  • Federal agents investigate a nearly 4,000 pound marijuana shipment

    In New Jersey, facing charges for crimes such as drug possession or drug trafficking can lead to serious penalties. Often the severity of the penalty is influenced by the amount of drugs discovered or previous convictions for similar offenses. Consequences can include jail time, drug treatment programs and probation. But what sort of penalties lie in store for someone who is caught with almost ...
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  • New Jersey man faces DUI charge after driving off exit ramp

    A driver can face drunk driving charges even if no one else was involved in an accident. And as we've seen in many previous posts, the penalties for a drunk driving conviction can impact a person personally, financially and professionally. Being charged with drunk driving can be overwhelming for most drivers. One New Jersey man may need to speak with someone who can help him protect his rights. ...
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  • New Jersey men accused of violating federal tax law

    Two New Jersey men could soon be facing serious criminal charges of tax fraud and consumer fraud. They were reportedly using a charity to avoid paying taxes on several dozen luxury cars that were purchased. One man was the president of the charity while the other was the secretary. A state investigation revealed that the president established the charity back in 2005 using several different ...
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  • Student from New Jersey seeks enrollment in drug diversionary program

    A program that was created to protect nonviolent offenders with substance abuse problems may not be available for a young man from New Jersey. A student at Columbia University, he had been arrested last year along with four of his classmates. They are currently facing drug charges. In general, being charged with a drug crime can lead to serious consequences. Charges can range from drug possession ...
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  • Federal agents still searching for clues in a whale of a tale

    Newspapers often report on high-profile crimes, such as murders. But recently the account of a different murder made the headlines in New Jersey and surrounding areas. A whale that had been shot was found on a beach in New Jersey in September. Investigators believe that someone had intentionally shot the whale in a specific way to prevent the whale from eating. The whale soon died. And now ...
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  • National study shows fewer people are drinking and driving

    Drunk driving arrests in New Jersey could be down from previous years. Why? According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, drunk driving may be declining across the nation. The CDC recently released the results of a survey from last year, asking more than 200,000 Americans whether they drink and drive. Drinking and driving, in general, can lead to a number of different consequences. ...
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  • New Jersey man accused of using Facebook to lure teens

    A 28-year-old man from Middlesex County has been charged with criminal sexual conduct after allegedly using the popular social networking site Facebook to connect with teens under the pretense that he was 17. Two girls, both 14, have alleged that the man contacted them on Facebook and attempted to lure them into sexual relations. Investigators are currently attempting to find out the extent to ...
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