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Blog Posts in March, 2018

  • Explaining the Difference Between Parole and Probation

    People who don’t know the laws in detail often know of similarities, but can on occasion get things confused. For example, many people erroneously use the terms “murder” and “homicide” interchangeably, but the two have an important difference between them. The same goes for “probation” and “parole.” Both of these legal terms start with the letter “P” and both refer to ways someone who is convicted ...
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  • A Brief Overview of New Jersey Theft Crime Laws

    Theft crimes are some of the most commonly-committed offenses out of all of the many various types on the books. Theft can be something as small as taking a candy bar from a store to as large as defrauding people out of millions of dollars through a clever scheme. Because these offenses can come in so many different ways, the laws that protect against theft need to be broad and all-encompassing in ...
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