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Blog Posts in February, 2012

  • Man indicted in New Jersey for suspected drunk driving crash, death

    A man has been indicted for a traffic accident that resulted in the death of a 9-year-old boy last April. The New Jersey resident was charged with numerous counts related to the accident after allegedly drunk driving. The counts include aggravated manslaughter and vehicular homicide. These charges are extremely serious, and will likely require a solid criminal defense. The prosecutors say the man ...
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  • Eight people arrested on drug charges in New Jersey

    Police made arrests of eight people this week in a joint effort with another state. Some of the people were from New Jersey and are now facing drug charges. The group is facing charges as a result of an investigation into drug distribution. Some in the group arrested were charged with possession of narcotics and some with distribution of narcotics including charges relating to their proximity to a ...
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  • New Jersey man charged with numerous sex crimes after online meeting

    A New Jersey man faces very serious accusations this week after being arrested for sex trafficking and child pornography. The man faces charges of sex trafficking of a minor, productions and possession of child pornography, transportation of a minor with intent to engage in criminal sexual activity and possession of a firearm to further a crime of violence. These charges are extremely serious and ...
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  • New Jersey cracking down on unemployment fraud

    When people hear the words white collar crime, they often think of the super rich CEOs of global companies participating in schemes to defraud investors or people asking for investments in Ponzi schemes. The truth is, anyone can commit or be accused of a white collar crime. Unfortunately, sometimes people in New Jersey who are considered low or middle-income are treated much differently when they ...
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    New Jersey, like most states, has diversionary programs for certain first time criminal offenders. The two diversion programs in New Jersey are the Conditional Discharge (also know as "Chapter 36A" or "Section 36") and the Pre-Trial Intervention Program (also known as "PTI"). What is a Conditional Discharge? The Conditional Discharge program is a probationary type, diversion program that allows ...
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  • Big Brother watches city in New Jersey, threatens criminal charges

    Residents of Camden beware, Big Brother is watching. The city has started using surveillance cameras on some of the city's streets and is recording people's license plate numbers. The city says it will send out letters to the owners of 624 warning them that they were spotted in a high crime area of the city. The warning isn't intended to tell people that they were in a dangerous area, but instead ...
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    Last month, when the United States Supreme Court ruled on whether the police could attach a GPS to a car in order to track a suspected drug trafficker, the case received nationwide attention. United States v. Antoine Jones . A few days ago, when the New Jersey Appellate Division ruled on a stubborn landlady's refusal to allow a Garfield construction official to inspect her building, the case ...
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  • New Jersey Governor wants rehab for those convicted of drug crimes

    Many times, people convicted of drug crimes are just convicted of the crime of possessing or buying a certain drug. This means they are non-violent offenders. These non-violent people often take up a large percentage of the jails throughout the country, and don't end up getting the help they truly need to stop repeating an offense, while in jail. Those who do commit drug crimes might benefit from ...
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  • DWI/DUI Patrols for Superbowl Sunday

    This is a big weekend for DWI/DUI in New Jersey for two reasons. First it is Super Bowl weekend and second our team, the New York Football Giants, are playing and will likely win the Super Bowl. It should be noted that even though our team is called the New York Football Giants, everyone knows that they really are New Jersey's team and have been since they moved here in 1976. Yesterday New ...
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  • Three New Jersey men face criminal charges for Freightliner theft

    The theft of a vehicle is a serious crime. Last week, New Jersey Police arrested and charged three men for allegedly stealing a semi-truck. Police say that the men stole the truck from the A C Fleet Trucking Co., and were spotted by an employee. The employee then said they called police and followed the truck. Reports don't indicate whether the truck was hauling any cargo at the time, but police ...
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